Tokyo Panda Club #5

Welcome to Tokyo Panda Club! 


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Information regarding:


Hot water

The hot water is heated by an older gas boiler. Sometimes it takes a few tries to turn on the hot water. Please follow the instructions written on the boiler machine below the stove.


Every time you try to turn on the gas stove, be sure to wait 10 seconds before trying again. The spark mechanism needs time to recharge


Gas Stove

Help! The gas stove is not turning on!

1) Open the small lid located behind the gas stove. 

2) To the left inside the lid you'll see a gas connector. Press down on the metal switch to disconnect the tube

3) Reconnect the tube. You should hear it snap in

4) Try the gas stove again. It should work now!



Air Conditioning/Heating

The air conditioning acts as both a cooler and heater.

Please see the following website regarding how to use the air conditioner:



A washing machine and laundry detergent is available for your laundry needs.

1) Put in your clothes and liquid detergent

2) Simply press the red ON 電源 button

3) Then press the blue START スタート button


The wash will take about 30 minutes.


You may dry your clothes on the balcony or at the nearby coin laundry (machine drier) if you're in a hurry. It will take about 20-30 minutes depending on how much you need to dry.


Local coin laundry:

(2-3 minutes walk)



There is a pocket wifi for your convenience. Please refer to the note in the room OR Airbnb house manual for the password.


Electrical Outage

Above the apartment door on the inside, there is a fuse box. Simply lift all of the switches for the electricity to come back on.



Please see this link: Garbage instructions