Recommendations around Tokyo

Day trip to Hakone (Hot Springs with Mount Fuji View)

It is recommended to make a trip outside of Tokyo to enjoy Japanese nature and hot springs. This can be done either has a day trip or you can also stay a night in Hakone. The following website will help you plan your trip to Hakone:

Tea Ceremony at Hamari-kyu garden

(Entrance fee 300yen)

7-10 minutes walk from Shinbashi station

10 minutes walk from Tsukiji Market

Google Maps:



Take a relaxing stroll and enjoy a Zen inspired Japanese Garden that was made in 1654 for the Shogun. It was built along the Sumida river which runs into Tokyo Bay. 

An audio guide in a few languages is provided free of charge and tells you information about the sites.

When you'd like to take a rest, you can enjoy Japanese Tea Ceremony and traditional sweets in Nakajima Tea house

Should you feel like it, there is a water-bus in the park which you can ride to Asakusa or Odaiba.

See the links below for additional details.


Kabuki at Kabuki-za

5 minutes walk from Ginza station

(prices are to the best of my current knowledge)

To watch a single act = 500 yen

To watch entire Kabuki show = 3000 yen


This is one of the only places in Tokyo where you can enjoy traditional Japanese theatre or Kabuki. You can enjoy this rare treasure simply by buying tickets at the door. The more expensive seats on the 1st floor will require reservation. Please see the link below for details


Official website (English)

The Great Tokyo Cycling Tour

5 minutes walk from Kayabacho station (Tozai and Hibiya Subway Lines)


1 day rental wih no tour guide = 500yen / hour 
max 2,500yen / day (from 10:00-17:00) Reservation required


1 day rental with tour guide     =  10,000yen


"Tokyo Great Cycling Tour is a guided tour, open to all foreign visitors to ride through - on a BICYCLE - the major tourist spots in Tokyo. Even if you have visited those places before, riding a bicycle will make the trip very special.Tokyo Great Cycling Tour promise you a wonderful day in Tokyo."


Official website (English)


Day Trip to Hakone and Gotemba Shopping Outlet


Here is a general itinerary if you want to enjoy the nature in Hakone and end the day doing some shopping at factory outlet:

OR you can simply spend the day at Hakone slowly without shopping at Gotemba!



Take Odakyu Limited Express (Hakone 13 Railways) from Shinjuku JR station to Hakone-Yumoto station箱根湯本 (85mins, 2020 yen)


Take bus from Hakone-Yumoto station to Moto-Hakone to view Lake Ashi


Take Lunch



Take bus from Moto-Hakone back to Hakone-Yumoto and then take a Togendai bound Hakone Tozan Bus on line T to Sengoku and transfer to the Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus to Gotemba station


Take free shuttle bus at JR Gotemba station to Gotemba Premium outlet


Time for shopping at Gotemba Premium outlet (last bus depart 40mins after close of business)


Take free shuttle bus at Gotemba Premium outlet to JR Gotemba station

Purchase Odakyu Hakone Highway last bus ticket (7.55pm) at JR Gotemba station to transfer back to Shinjuku station



Late Night meal & walk around Shinjuku.

(The last train to Otsuka should depart around midnight. The trains may be very packed at that time!)