Tokyo Panda Club #4 Garbage disposal info

Garbage in this apartment must be thrown away on the following schedule:


Tuesday, Fridays mornings for general garbage (Before 8:30AM). You will see a green net outside on the curb which neighbors will dispose of their garbage. You may take your garbage out the night before, OR the morning of Tuesday and Friday (by 8:30AM to be safe).


Make sure your general garbage (paper, wood, non-bottle plastics, etc.) are tied up in a large plastic bag provided to you in the top drawer of the garbage rack..


Saturdays for cans, PET (plastic) bottles and glass bottles. There will be bins on the curb to collect these garbage.

Alternatively, you may dispose your cans and bottles at the convenience store across the street. 


Make sure cans and PET (plastic) bottles and glass bottles are in seperate bags.